Thursday, 19 May 2011

How the FBI's Strategy Continues to Evolve

The Canadian Tactical Training Academy’s Training Facility in Montreal is currently the site of the annual re-certification of more than 250 security officers who comprise the Airport Patrol and are assigned to protecting the Montreal Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport (YUL) and the Montreal Mirabel International Airport (YMX).

There are two certification programs, each of which is valid for a two year period. Participants are re-certified in each program on alternate years. Certificates are issued by CTTA to successful participants upon completion of the program.

The security officers underwent their initial training under the auspices of CTTA.

The fully equipped training facility includes equipment such as body shields, focus gloves, batons, handcuffs, and Body Opponent Bags or “BOBs” for realistic training.
The training facility is located near the Trudeau airport and is fully booked until mid-June.

All of CTTA’s many courses can be conducted at the Montreal location except for live-ammunition firearms training which is given in the United States at a range used by US federal agencies and at private ranges in Canada.

International courses may be delivered at other locations around the world.

CTTA offers an Airport and Airline Security course, which includes the following topics:

Airport Security Operations
-ICAO and IATA security standards
-Perimeter protection and access control
-Protecting public areas
-Protecting restricted area-Vehicle and pedestrian patrols

Airline Security Operations
-ICAO and IATA security standards
-Passenger Profiling
-Passenger and employee screening
-Dealing with unruly passengers
-Cargo, courier and mail security

The Canadian Tactical training Academy (CTTA) is an organization devoted to worldwide training of peace and law enforcement officers, as well as all other professionals involved in the fields of security, investigation, protection and the maintenance of order.
The Academy also provides tailored security and safety-oriented civilian training at both the individual and corporate levels.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

CTTA Confirms Ronald Myles to Join Board of Advisors

Former CSIS and RCMP Operative to Counsel Management

MONTREAL, May 17, 2011
The Canadian Tactical Training Academy (CTTA) (Pink Sheets: CTTG)

The Canadian Tactical Training Academy, a leader in the worldwide training of peace and law enforcement officers, is pleased to announce that Ronald E. Myles has been selected to serve as a member of the Board of Advisors for the company.

The Board of Advisors, chosen for their demonstrated interest in and support of the company, are committed industry experts who serve as advocates for the company by promoting its goals, counseling company management, assisting with sales, introducing new initiatives, and publicizing the company. The Board is composed of some of the industry’s most renowned training innovators, counter-terrorist experts, and former high-ranking government agents. Mr. Myles will commence an initial one-year term on the board starting on May 11, 2010.

Today Ronald Myles stated, `I am pleased to be part of the CTTA team and look forward to using my expertise to assist the company in a time when the security and well being of free and democratic nations is under threat.

Prior to becoming a member of CTTA’s Board of Advisors, Mr. Myles, a graduate of Concordia University, served in the intelligence community starting with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) where he was assigned to the surveillance unit of its Security Service. In the late 1970s Mr. Myles was assigned to the counter-terrorist desk in Montreal as an investigator and then as head of an operational unit. In 1984 the Security Service of the RCMP became, by decree, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS). Mr. Myles continued his career with CSIS until his retirement in 1997.

As an investigator, Mr. Myles conducted interviews, recruited and handled informants / collaborators within various ethnic communities; the main objective being to assess the threat posed to the national security by terrorist groups and general espionage. As a unit head, Mr. Myles was responsible for a group of investigators and communications analysts.

Liaison and the exchange of information with other organizations of the intelligence community is a crucial part in determining emerging trends relating to the CSIS mandate whether on the counter-terrorist or the counter-espionage investigations. In this capacity, Mr. Myles represented CSIS in many of the international and national conferences.

Mr. Myles is currently the President of CSJ International Inc., Consultants in Security.

About The Canadian Tactical Training Academy

The Canadian Tactical Training Academy (CTTA) is an organization devoted to the training of law enforcement, security, investigation, protection officers and all those who dedicate themselves to maintaining peace. The Academy also provides tailored security and safety-oriented civilian training at both the individual and corporate levels.

CTTA offers recognized tactical training programs of the highest level, as well as specialized programs for the fields of Intelligence and Investigation, Executive Protection and both Public and Private Security and Safety.

Above and beyond the quality of its training programs, the strength of an academy resides in the competency and capabilities of its instructors. CTTA`s instructors are carefully selected and have proven their superior skills in both the field and the classroom before they are entrusted with providing guidance and professional development to its students.

CTTA`s Mission is to facilitate professional training and operational objectives by offering the tools and guidance required to enhance careers and ensure survival!

CTTA offers specialized programs such as: Executive Protection, Investigation and Surveillance, Rapid Integrated Survival Kombat (RISK) System, Tactical Firearms, Handcuffing, Airport and Airline Security (IATA and ICAO standards), Ports Facilities and Maritime Security (ISPS Code), Basic SWAT Techniques, Corporate Safety Awareness, and much more.

CTTA`s civilian training programs are recognized by numerous notable corporations, and its instructors are proud members of several prestigious law enforcement and security associations.


Jocelyn Moisan, Angelo Marino and John Farinaccio
Canadian Tactical Training Academy
7000 Cote de Liesse, Suite 8
Montreal, Quebec, H4T 1E7, Canada
Phone: 514-373-8411


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

FBI: 56 Police Officers Killed in 2010

That number is up eight from 2009
(article from
WASHINGTON — The FBI says 56 law enforcement officers were murdered on duty last year, up eight from 2009.

All but one of the 56 officers was slain by someone using a gun. Thirty-eight of them were wearing body armor when killed. The only officer who wasn't a victim of firearms was killed with a vehicle.
Fifteen officers were killed in ambushes, eight were investigating suspicious persons, seven were killed in traffic pursuits or stops and six were responding to disturbance calls. Preliminary FBI figures show the rest were killed during other police work.
Separately, 72 officers were killed in accidents, a 50 percent jump over 2009 when 48 officers died in accidents. For 2009, both the number of officers slain feloniously and those accidentally killed was 48.
The Canadian Tactical training Academy (CTTA) is an organization devoted to worldwide training of peace and law enforcement officers, as well as all other professionals involved in the fields of security, investigation, protection and the maintenance of order.
The Academy also provides tailored security and safety oriented civilian training at both the individual and corporate levels.