Tuesday, 17 May 2011

FBI: 56 Police Officers Killed in 2010

That number is up eight from 2009
(article from www.lawofficer.com)
WASHINGTON — The FBI says 56 law enforcement officers were murdered on duty last year, up eight from 2009.

All but one of the 56 officers was slain by someone using a gun. Thirty-eight of them were wearing body armor when killed. The only officer who wasn't a victim of firearms was killed with a vehicle.
Fifteen officers were killed in ambushes, eight were investigating suspicious persons, seven were killed in traffic pursuits or stops and six were responding to disturbance calls. Preliminary FBI figures show the rest were killed during other police work.
Separately, 72 officers were killed in accidents, a 50 percent jump over 2009 when 48 officers died in accidents. For 2009, both the number of officers slain feloniously and those accidentally killed was 48.
The Canadian Tactical training Academy (CTTA) is an organization devoted to worldwide training of peace and law enforcement officers, as well as all other professionals involved in the fields of security, investigation, protection and the maintenance of order.
The Academy also provides tailored security and safety oriented civilian training at both the individual and corporate levels.

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