Thursday, 19 May 2011

How the FBI's Strategy Continues to Evolve

The Canadian Tactical Training Academy’s Training Facility in Montreal is currently the site of the annual re-certification of more than 250 security officers who comprise the Airport Patrol and are assigned to protecting the Montreal Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport (YUL) and the Montreal Mirabel International Airport (YMX).

There are two certification programs, each of which is valid for a two year period. Participants are re-certified in each program on alternate years. Certificates are issued by CTTA to successful participants upon completion of the program.

The security officers underwent their initial training under the auspices of CTTA.

The fully equipped training facility includes equipment such as body shields, focus gloves, batons, handcuffs, and Body Opponent Bags or “BOBs” for realistic training.
The training facility is located near the Trudeau airport and is fully booked until mid-June.

All of CTTA’s many courses can be conducted at the Montreal location except for live-ammunition firearms training which is given in the United States at a range used by US federal agencies and at private ranges in Canada.

International courses may be delivered at other locations around the world.

CTTA offers an Airport and Airline Security course, which includes the following topics:

Airport Security Operations
-ICAO and IATA security standards
-Perimeter protection and access control
-Protecting public areas
-Protecting restricted area-Vehicle and pedestrian patrols

Airline Security Operations
-ICAO and IATA security standards
-Passenger Profiling
-Passenger and employee screening
-Dealing with unruly passengers
-Cargo, courier and mail security

The Canadian Tactical training Academy (CTTA) is an organization devoted to worldwide training of peace and law enforcement officers, as well as all other professionals involved in the fields of security, investigation, protection and the maintenance of order.
The Academy also provides tailored security and safety-oriented civilian training at both the individual and corporate levels.

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