Friday, 22 April 2011

StunGun Kills at Universal Studios

StunGun Kills at Universal Studios. 
CTTA's Less-than-lethal training may help avoid tragic outcomes.
Orlando, Florida (CNN) -- A man causing a disturbance outside a movie theater near Universal Studios died Friday after being handcuffed and shocked with a Taser stun gun, Orlando police said.
Two off-duty officers who were working security in the area tried to deal with a man who was acting "irrational," early Friday morning, said Sgt. Barb Jones, an Orlando police spokeswoman.
The suspect -- identified as Adam Spencer Johnson, 33, of Winter Haven, Florida -- began to "violently" resist after one of the officers tried to detain him, Jones said. An officer shocked the man with a Taser stun gun, then he was handcuffed, police said.

While on the ground, Johnson became unresponsive. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.
The officers involved were placed on routine administrative leave pending an investigation of the deaths, according to police.

Among the many courses which CTTA provides worldwide is the Rapid Integrated Survival Kombat System. This three level course is scheduled monthly at CTTA’s Montreal training facility but it is delivered to larger training groups in the United States on a regular basis.
Hundreds of  law enforcement professionals have been trained in the RISK Defensive Tactics System.

Each level of the RISK. Defensive Tactics course is 16 hours and there are now seven instructors in the USA who have been certified by CTTA Master Instructors. Upon the successful completion of the course CTTA will issue a certificate to each participant.

The RISK System is a highly effective combat system specifically developed for law enforcement and security professionals. Based on human anatomy and biomechanics, its effectiveness is due to the simplicity of both instinctive as well as learned techniques.

The objective of the RISK Defensive Tactics System is to train the participant in the various aspects of physical confrontation so that he can better defend himself in dealing with different types of aggressors, who may be armed or unarmed, and restrain an uncooperative individual while performing an arrest.

This system prides itself in the effective use of recognized “Use of Force Continuums” in order to avoid unnecessary liability issues for both the officer and the department alike.
Some of the skills which participants will acquire are the following:

• Defense against strikes
• Efficient striking techniques
• Restraint techniques
• Ground control and handcuffing
• Ground defense
• Defense against edged weapons
• Handgun and long gun disarming
• Intervention in confined areas

Training courses can be customized according to specific needs.


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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Poor staff training blamed for Villawood riot

Australia's immigration detention riots 
Thursday April 21st 2011

Poor training is being blamed as one main causes behind todays riots at Villawood immigration detention centre. 

Ensuring staff have the right equipment and training is key to successfully managing these types of long-term centres.

The Canadian Tactical Training Academy can offer Riot Control Training to police, corrections and security departments anywhere in the world.