Wednesday, 6 July 2011

CTTA Executive Will be a Featured Speaker at CJSC Institute Seminar

Angelo Marino - "Islamic Mythology for Law Enforcement & Security Personnel" Seminar 

MONTREAL, Jul 6, 2011 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- The Canadian Tactical Training Academy (CTTA) CTTG 0.00% , a leader in the worldwide training of peace and law enforcement officers, is pleased to announce that Angelo Marino, its Vice President of Operations, has been invited to address an important and timely seminar entitled "Islamic Mythology for Law Enforcement & Security Personnel" to be hosted by the Criminal Justice Security Career Institute.

The Criminal Justice Security Career Institute (CJSC Institute) under the direction and leadership of the President/CEO Jorge Reyes Jr. (former U.S. OIG, Sr. Special Agent) and in partnership with the Florida Technical College (FTC) will host the seminar on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at the CJSC Institute/ FTC facilities located in Orlando Florida. 

The seminar is open to law enforcement executives, criminal justice educators, security experts, intelligence analysts, legal representatives, public officials, and others.
Featured Special Speakers 

Angelo Marino, Vice President of the Canadian Tactical Training Academy (CTTA).
Educated and certified in various North American institutions, Angelo Marino completed a Master of Science in Policing and Social Conflict and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.
Mr. Marino was awarded the `Citizenship Achievement Award` for outstanding service to community and country, by the Canadian House of Commons and is a distinguished coach and educator for National Security Alliance, Kid-Safe Network.

Mr. Marino, who also serves as the Chief Instructor for CTTA, is considered to be one of Canada's most renowned specialist and master instructor. Mr. Marino has worked in over 43 countries as an instructor, operator, and security consultant. Mr. Marino has personally trained the Presidential Security Details of two countries. 

Bassem Chaaban, Director of Operations, Center for Peace, Islamic Society of Central Florida.
The Islamic Society of Central Florida (ISCF) is an organization which strives to serve the greater Central Florida community by catering to the social, religious, and economic needs of its Muslim inhabitants. By integrating a diverse, and talented, rich Muslim populace with the greater Central Florida community based upon a foundation built upon mutual respect and understanding, ISCF is focused on developing a model American Muslim community. 

The Center for Peace is a non-profit, volunteer, outreach arm of the Islamic Society of Central Florida that works to dispel stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. With the mission in mind that education builds tolerance and understanding, the Center for Peace continues to bond people for unity and peace. The objective of the Center is to facilitate and coordinate outreach efforts in the Central Florida community by promoting understanding and acceptance among people of all faiths and backgrounds about Islam. 

By establishing the Seminar Initiative, the CJSC Institute hopes to make a difference by creating awareness and understanding in support of all personnel involved in homeland security.

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