Tuesday, 10 May 2011


The Canadian Tactical Training Academy in conjunction with Palestra Group International are pleased to offer this special 1 day course on Concealment.

Palestra Group International is a NY based law enforcement training group providing detailed and comprehensive lectures addressing current trends in criminality; specifically street gangs and narcotics trafficking facing police departments & prosecutors throughout the United States and Canada.

The Basic Concealment course consists of:

Bulk Currency concealment and transportation methods
Introduction to Vehicular Concealed Compartment
Concealed Compartment National History
Understanding Narcotic Organizations and their methods of operating. Today’sOrganizations are constantly changing their transportation methods
Recognizing verbal and physical indicators
Common indicators of modified vehicles
Standard tools that will assist in the search
Information on the most common currency hides in vehicles
Common firearms compartmentsCurrency Concealment methods in Furniture
Currency Concealment methods in Residences
Case studies on residential bulk currency seizures in residences and locations
Concealment methods in Commercial establishments (Grocery Stores/Bodegas)
Unusual Methods of concealment such as can safes, speakers, household items etc.

Counter Surveillance against law enforcement
RF detectors and other devices used against undercover agents/officers involved in Money laundering and other investigations
Hidden cameras used by organizations which compromise enforcement actions andthe element of surprise
Websites and media publications

Course cost: $190.00 CAD
We will be offering Government Discount Hotel Reservations
EARLY BIRD Registration includes 20% discount on future RESIDENTIAL CONCEALED COMPARTMENT COURSE

Contact Us Today to register or to find out more.

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