Friday, 25 March 2011

The World is a Dangerous Place - CTTA Stands on Guard for You
The violence and confusion engulfing the world right is not new.  It is the part and partial of the same merry go round that has kept governments on the edge of their seats for decades.  Conflict is innate to human nature and CTTA ( recognizes that a need for security is a by product of this madness.
Our team of professionals sees the good side of human nature and they have the strength and skills to provide for security despite the fact that they have operated  in some very difficult environments.  CTTA management members have been on missions in Central America, Africa and the Middle East.
They bring this lengthy resume of excellence and experience to CTTA in the company's new incarnation as a public company.  CTTA recently went public via RTO (reverse takeover) in the United States and trades on the Other OTC under the symbol CTTG.  The company is a growing organization and they are working actively on new projects in the Middle East.  This area of the world is the present focal point for CTTA as the company expects to be able to close substantial business in those countries; very soon.
We hope you enjoy our new blog.  The blog is new and we will do our best to update the material at least once per week.  There will be material on CTTA as well as associated companies. If you have any questions in regards to CTTA, please contact us @  

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